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What can influence our consumers through online communication? A well structured webdesign can controll the visitors mind, catch their attention and raise their curiosity.

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The first thing to see on a website is the appearance, the webdesign, the logo, the image. That's what called the "moment of truth"! People begin checking the content or get a procedure started just right after that moment. The first impression is a judgement, probably the only chance to make a visitor remember our site, or close cursed like never come back to this useless, ugly side.

If visitors can find easily what they are looking for because the website or the webshop is perspicuous, then they stay on the site, inquire, buy and may come back. When your image supports your brand's message, you are on the good track to engrave upon your consumers' memory.

We create responsive designs for SenSCMS, Joomla!, Drupal, Wordpress, Typo3, Synkron Via or any other CMS what are attentive to the aim and the message of the communication. We consider our webdesigns important to be user-friendly solutions, to meet the requirements of the era, as well as being able to response to all kind of mobile devices.

Mobile optimized responsive webdesign

Since 2013 we make every webdesign responsive to be compatible with all the mobile devices. This function is achieved without duplicate content under a separate domain, but the screen size is always being detected and the flexy responsive design adapts itself to each size by using different CSS files.

Why we don't recommend to separate the templates under different sub-domains for mobile devices, despite the fact that many UX designers propose else? Because we envision in a 360° view and we know as many devices, so many variations. In 2013, search engines made a clear standpoint says "duplicated contents under sub-domains just to establish different web appearance on mobile devices is not preferred". 

So if you feel the importance of serving visitors with a website following latest trends and not being under rated by search engines, then the responsive webdesign is an essential key to success.

Banners and rich media

We can make flash banners, animations, animgifs and rich media banners. Choose Senswerk if you as a media agency need high volume of banners, or as an individual advertiser you need only a few pieces. We have years of experience in advertising and we know the technical requirements imposed on banners, plus the users' reaction to them. Taking advantage of the technology and our experience we make the best suited outcome for a particular purpose, whether it's the most innovative advertising solution or the easiest animgif banner.

What are the iab standard resolutions?

Hungarian advertisment sizes:

  • medium rectangle 300 x 250 px
  • leaderboard 728 x 90 px
  • super leaderboard 970 x 90 px
  • half page 300 x 600 px

Rich media sizes:

  • billboard 970 x 250 px
  • pushdown 970 x 90 > 970 x 415 px
  • sidekick 300 x 250 > 850 x 700 px
  • filmstrip 300 x 600 px

Mobile sizes:

  • 480 x 120 px
  • 320 x 50 px

Why standard is so important?

Since the introduction of banners, portals and advertising sites defined dimensions in their own way, that means advertisers had to make different sizes of banners for each medias what raised the costs of advertising campaigns. Therefore IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) published its recommendation in 2012, accepted by many international institution, to reduce labour cost and improve transparency. Banner sizes above are recommended by IAB, so you should take them into consideration when you plan a campaign, unless you want Facebook or Google campaigns, where you can meet more size.

Google advertisment banner sizes (flash):

  • Ribbon ad: 468 x 60 px
  • Big ribbon ad: 728 x 90 px
  • Rectangle: 250 x 250 px
  • Small rectangle: 200 x 200 px
  • Big rectangle: 336 x 280 px
  • Inline rectangle: 300 x 250 px
  • Skyscraper: 120 x 600 px
  • Wide skyscraper: 160 x 600 px
  • Half page ad: 300 x 600 px
  • Big-size ribbon: 970 x 90 px
  • Big-size ribbon mobile: 320 x 100 px
  • Billboard: 970 x 250 px
  • Portrait: 300 x 1050 px

Google static image advertisments:

  • Vertical rectangle: 240 x 400 px
  • Big ribbon mobiles: 320 x 50 px
  • Big ribbon ad: 468 x 60 px
  • Nagy szalaghirdetés: 728 x 90 px
  • Rectangle: 250 x 250 px
  • Small rectangle: 200 x 200 px
  • Big rectangle: 336 x 280 px
  • Inline rectangle: 300 x 250 px
  • Skyscraper: 120 x 600 px
  • Wide skyscraper: 160 x 600 px
  • Half page ad: 300 x 600 px
  • Big-size ribbon: 970 x 90 px
  • Big-size ribbon mobile: 320 x 100 px
  • Billboard: 970 x 250 px
  • Portrait: 300 x 1050 px

Google ads in general we can say their size do not exceed 150 KByte and the animation should turn off after 30 seconds, should not contain flickering and their content is examined by Google. For more principals visit Google advertising guide.

Facebook banner sizes:

Right panel advertisment sizes:

  • Page post photo, Page post link, Offer, Desktop App, and Domain ads:
    Image size: 254×133 px
    Picture ratio: 1.91:1
  • Page post video
    Image size: 254×143 px
    Picture ratio: 16:9
  • Page like ad, Event ad:
    Image size: 254×94 px
    Picture ratio: 2.7:1


How does an image really look like? In a narrower sense, the image has all the visual elements that appear in your communication. Whether it's an e-mail template, shopping bag, letter paper, webdesign, a logo or any other graphic element. Broadly speaking, it's a concept which is an impression in a consumer or in a business partner, as part of a well-planned strategy that can be serious, playful, clean, romantic, or any other appropriate solution for your ideas.

It wasn't a coincidence that Coca-Cola marketing department requested packaging designers to get a shattered Coca-Cola bottle still recognizable. This hasn't changed over the years. A good image supports your message which can be emotional, serious, innovative and trendy. Within the confines of our corporate image design service we can dream the whole package of visual communication characteristic, business card, envelope, letterhead, email template, and any other image element.


Beyond image colors, the logo is the most frequently used element as displayed on web page, business card, and anywhere you communicate visually. Therefore it's important not to choose from dozens of Fotolia logos, because there is nothing more embarrassing than when your logo pops up in neighbouring street.

As early as in the preschool we all learned to observe the individual signs that must be simple and memorable illustrations (pear, clock, apple, sun, candle ... Do you even know what was  yours?) logo colors and forms describe your message, like a soft outline logo is generally friendly, while a hard line drawn one is more serious. A green logo makes natural impressions, while the red represents dynamism.

Why shall it be unique and well-designed? The answer is simple, in order to remember it. To build your brand, your reputation and convey your message.

Obstacle clearance

Why is obstacle clearance necessary on websites? In the spirit of equality of opportunities it is worth thinking of our blind and partially sighted fellows when a website is being designed. The high-contrast view helps the visually impaired people, large letters support reader programs. Our obstacle clearing service follows the W3C requirements. We feel equality needful, therefore we often try to encourage our clients to invest in obstacle clearance and to obtain an AA rating from W3C.