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Everyone enters the online world with equal opportunities. Even if you're a startup company or one of the largest enterprises, on the web you can be famous or invisible, but we believe if you get the most suitable web solution, so you can make the best out of it.

Website development, webshop, custom software developmentWebsite - Graphical design and full service implementation from the simplest to the most complex concepts in Joomla!, Typo3, Wordpress, Synkron via, SenSCMS or in any other framework.

Promotional microsite - Spectacular, animated, sales or communication supportive solutions. We find out the most suitable technology for your ideas. We are passionately fond of flash, js, jQurey animated visualization tricks, online games, communication channels that each of all helps you to be able to reach your audience and your consumers by the maximized user experience.

Webshop - Get going, because e-commerce is on fast-pace these days! International possibilities, nonstop open shops, smart resource saving solutions. These must be parts of a new online store whatever engine is used, such as Virtuemart, Magento, Prestashop, Woocommerce, Shoprenter, Opencart, SenSWebshop or any unique stuff, You can count on us!

Portal development - We can supply users with easy content management, better methods for advertising and teamwork supportive solutions by our multi-site portal engine.

UX, UI design - We propose process and image, doesn't matter for which platform, web, mobile or business solutions.

Web-analytics - Every campaign and website is just wasted money, unless you can measure the success and reveal weaknesses to improve sales, increase the mean of your campaigns and finally optimize costs. We check the statistics, the ergonomical appearance of your system, the technical issues and we fix them all if you want.

Browser apps - We develope Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer built-in extensions and applications. They are not a question mark for us!

Unique software development - Haven't found any shelf-ready product? You have custom requirements? No problem! Let us know!

Website development

Senswerk Team can be your partner in creation of small websites os well as of complex systems, so simply in everything. The professionals here are always able to find the most suitable solution for you, regarding a modification of an existing system, a brand new website or a complex business application. In addition we can help your site to be found by search engines, to acquire more visitors and introduce your newest products or services.

We are not conventional, we never create same things because we believe that custom results are always the best ones for every client, since small companies are as much important for us as big ones.


The most important element of a campaign is the welcome page. We can help your campaign to achieve the goals, whether it is for brand communications, public relations or sales promotions. To support you in reaching your aims we can create a spectacular website which is easily manageable and responsive to all the mobile devices.

We can build microsites in Joomla!, Wordpress, SenSCMS, Typo3, Synkron via or in any other frames. We are even happier if you trust us with making other creative things too, like contents creation for advertising.


Webshop is such a 24/7 open store. It's a great way to reach consumers over the world. Really, anywhere, anytime!

SenSWebshop is developed for those clients who believe what they offer is great and go for what is achievable. These clients demand continuous support and improvement what the flexible SenSWebshop system and the team behind it are able to give them. One of the key strengths of SenSWebshop is easy customization and effortless integrability into other systems.

In case your requirements are more or we find SenSWebshop is not the best for you, we can develope in Virtuemart, Opencart, Woocommerce, Magento, Shoprenter or in any other webshop engines. What really matters is you to get the most suitable solution.


SenSCMS portal engine ensures connection among website networks, news spread among websites, high functionality and version-controlled portal sites. Thanks to the multi-layered SenSCMS content manager component it's pliantly adjustable to any expectations for a portal. Easy rapid design modification possibility, furthermore we are sure you will find all the necessary functions in the inventory contains over 130+ modules.

Portal functions / modules included:

  • News & newsfeeds
  • Picture & animated content publisher
  • Events & calendars
  • RSS
  • Content sharing
  • Tags & tagcloud
  • Correction
  • User privilage manager
  • News spread
  • Confirmation for conditioned contents
  • Facebook & regular posting method
  • Forum
  • Blog
  • Rating
  • Receipe manager
  • Professional finder
  • Advertisment
  • Weather forecast
  • Statistics
  • Google Analytics integration

And much more cool stuff...

Custom software development

Effective e-business in a checkered booklet? What a bad joke...

If you also suppose to take the advantage of the online world and join the growing e-commerce market, then get in touch with us for a discussion. How are we better than others? We do not prepare only online stores.

During the development process we shape the e-commerce system to your ideas. We plan inside procedures and connect them into a complex system. As an example let's consider a webshop that covers more concrete stores. This is when weaknesses of many webshops are revealed because you may need components for purchasing and store inventory management, billig and invoice, finance, contracts and offers. We can give you all in one system! Interesting?

We believe in automatisms and ponderability. The more data is available, the better to track procedures, goods movement, customer needs... The less resource you have to free up, the more remains to improve your company. So all will be given to be successful.

We provide a kind of startup support service which helps you to take the first steps together with us because we will be with you to refine the initial concept until it's done. Our team will be happy to be available for you to answer any question you ask. Our online marketing department will support you to be able to communicate with the consumers through your new commercial channel.

SenSERP system belongs to the new generation of business solutions that enable all the business processes to be connected and measurable.

Are you interested in how we could improve the effectiveness of your business? Get in touch with us, let us know your vision and  we make it come true!