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Facebook updates

2014-06-11 18:41:40

Facebook wasn't idle around the house at the beginning of the year. Facebook's design update time has come, as being a thorn in everyone's flesh because all things were elsewhere again. But what changes have been made exactly?

Facebook has introduced their latest update package contains voice recognition system, the campaign against auto posts, transparent privacy settings and new services integrating the functions of Snapchat as fundamentals, called Slingshot.

New statistics

Unfortunately still only available in USA, but in a few months, Euopean Facebook admins could be glad about new statistics too. Like Google, Facebook also introduced their statistic tools, so we can learn more and more about our target users, e.g. shopping, lifestyle habits, and we can hope advertising would use them in the future for more accurate targeting.

More transparent privacy settings

I'm also glad that finally this direction has been taken, however I'm not a conspiracy theory maker, but as an experienced Facebook user sometimes very hard to find those privacy settings. These complaints were wanted to be rectified by the new developments on Facebook, so the last time there have been a number of steps that engage users to data protection by making easier to manage it and restrict what and whom to show details about ourselves.

Auto posting wiped out

RSS graffiti era is finally over! Welcome to the innovations of Facebook, what finally wipes automatic posting function away. If somebody creates a Facebook profile for his business, for his community, then publishing posts by hand should be assumed in order to share them with the followers.

Facebook wants to know more about us

There are many people who feel completely safe on Facebook and glad to share all important moment of their lives, their habits or any personal information. Nevertheless, as an admin user I'm aware of how these pieces of information are utilized or sometimes exploited, and also a bit skeptical about them as well as "I'm vote" button to prompt you for voting and "Ask" button to prompt friends for sharing their relationship status with me. Above all, the new music listening and TV viewing habit posting function made me shudder, which analyses phone or microphone data and finds out things what interesting me. However, no doubt in my mind that many people will willingly use these new functions, and marketing professionals will be happy with new data about potential consumers.


Source: Social Times