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BUZA traditional sausages

BUZA traditional sausages

If you are always complaining about the disappearing old, original flavours, then try out the BUZA sausages hall-mark of the name of Sándor Buza, and based on the traditional recipe of the Buza family. The secret? The right combination of the spices and the used meat. For the introduction of this brand created we the microsite and the Facebook applications.

Client: Sándor Buza

Sector: food industry

Constructed: autumn 2014

Url: www.buzakolbaszok.hu

Task: Webpage and Facebook applications development and realization

Implementation: We have created the simple and comprehensible page and the applications based on a wonderful and elegant old logo, very good photos, and the quality products.

Used tools: Graphic design, SenSCMS website engine, Facebook application development