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Eszterházi Vigasságok

Eszterházi Vigasságok mobile applicationEszterházi Vigasságok mobile application

We were assigned to renew the website and the mobile application of the 'Eszterházi vigasságok' classical music festival series 2013, due to the new image concept.

Client:PG UP

Sector: Festival

Url: http://www.eszterhazivigassagok.hu

Constructed: spring 2014

Task: After new visual concept, we freshed the mobile application, and now it can provide a perfect appearance for the IOS 7 users aswell.

Realization: This year we needed to redesign the site, change the logo, modify the structure and refresh the mobile application, due to different reasons. Have a good time at the concerts!

Tools: SenSCMS website, unique development, mobile application development.