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Rockwool „Rock for recovery” microsite autumn 2013

Rockwool „Rock for recovery” microsite autumn 2013Rockwool „Rock for recovery” microsite autumn 2013

We made content supplement on the microsite based on Ajax technology for the 2013 autumn campaign of Rockwool.

Client: Campanada Kommunikációs Ügynökség

Sector: Building material, commerce

Brand: Rockwool

Url: http://ejmiako.hu 

Constructed: autumn 2013

Task: Content expansion of microsite with product offers due to the different application fields.

Implementation: The content enlargement is made in the Synkron Via system, it takes information from an outer source with the help of Ajax technologies. We had to modify the banner animation and in the course of that we also used a peripheral source.

Used tools: Unique development, Graphic design, making flash banner