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GfK eDM 50+ men campaign

GfK eDM 50+ men campaignGfK eDM 50+ men campaign

It is always good to know, what do the consumers think. GfK is one of the greatest market researcher and working on it to reveal the opinion of the costumers, to show directions to the companies about habits and reactions. Reaching the consumers is not always as easy as we would think. Due to this reason the askGfK page has born, and we needed to strengthen its user group with our newsletter campaign towards different age groups and genders.

Client: GfK Hungária Piackutató Intézet

Sector: Market research

Constructed: Autumn 2013

Task: Invocation of users groups in eDM campaigns and full screening of prizes.

Realization: We used emotional picture elements and editing. It was needed to reveal the prizes in the campaign so we underlined them bringing it close to the costumers.

Used tools: Graphic design, making eDM