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Bramac rooftile calculator

Bramac rooftile calculatorBramac rooftile calculator

We made a rooftile calculator application for the Austrian mother company of Bramac. The application is made with responsive design, it can be well used on mobile and web applications.

Client: Bramac Dachsysteme International GmbH

Brand: Bramac

Sector: Building material, commerce


Constructed: summer 2013

Task: The calculator needed to fit the rooftiles to the roof.

Implementation: The calculator needed to be compatible with the previous only paper based calculations. The application came into existence to help the end users and the experts who want make the tiles fit on the roof. We made responsive design at the visualization of the project, so it can be used on mobile and web based application in the same time.

Used tools: SenSCMS microsite, Unique software development, responsive webdesign.