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The revolution of mobile devices is unstoppable and it's getting more intensive these years what is reflected in visitation statistics. If you have no website with responsive design or no mobile app, you don"t take the adventage of the latest digital tools, so your are going to drop behind in the coming years. We develope high standard flexible mobile applications in order to keep you in action and to come along with the mobile technology.

Mobile application development, responsive web design, mobile marketing

  • IOS (mobile / tablet)
  • Android (mobile / tablet)
  • Windows Phone (from Windows 8.1)
  • Blackberry, Firefox OS
  • AR - Augmented reality
  • Responsive web apps
  • Browser apps
  • Samsung smart television apps

Mobile application development

One of the fastest growing technology in the digital world is the mobile. Since smartphones were released a few years ago they are constantly on conquest. If you're interested, get in touch with us and check out our mobile applications.


  • If you want a mobile app which runs without any internet connection, when your people doing field-work with a very weak signal. The application in the background captures data and resend it at the next occasion when the signal is restored.
  • If you need to locate your position and to display it on the map according to distance of some other points from you. For example, you give tourists Restaurant Locator service (the app shows your position and closest restaurants)
  • If you like to send mobile users weekly news about any kind of topic. For Instance, you have a gallery and you'd like to inform your clients about the upcoming exhibition, and after one tap they can see all the details.


  • IOS mobile and tablet devices
  • Android mobile and tablet device
  • Firefox OS
  • Blackberry
  • Windows Phone


Every single app development begins with an idea. You give us the vision, and we give you the realization. We transform your visions into plans and specifications. In addition to the design, we have to engineer processes, the software ergonomics, the way how the app communicates, the program code, the database and you will be our partner through these.

After the collective design work the execution is the next one. During the execution work the developers split the work into phases and we present you the results of every each phase in order to let you test the parts of your new application.  Senswerk applies native coding and Titanium multi-platform developer tool, which enables us to develope your mobile app in a cost effective way and for any mobile platforms in the same time.

If you have tested everything and you may be satisfied with it, the next step is to submit your brand new app to Google Play or Apple Store or both. In case you want to reduce costs we let you use our accounts. During submission you must give the description, the category and a web view of the app.

But at this stage the job is not done. Alright, you have a mobile app, but ask the question, who else knows about it at all..? How will others find it..? And how will you know others' opinion about it..? Oh well, that's it. Mobile apps need marketing too, but no worries Senswerk can help you in online  distribution, in collecting rating statics, in evaluating the figures and in the final optimization.

Augmented Reality

Do you desire a really attractive campaign? Would you like to show up something new? If YES then choose the AR for your campaign. With the power of AR you can create applications which animates the poster, starts the car or makes the singer sing. AR empowers your imagination to redraw the borders and to be sure that your campaign will be memorable.


Taking advantage of the mobile technology we can create apps using the smartphone camera to capture and identify pictures and shapes. These capturing events could be attached to a totally different event, like a video starts playing or an object that doesn't exist appears on the screen merged into the real camera video. Sounds science fiction..? Well, it can amaze your clients anyway.

Responsive Web Design

If you can't provide extra content, there is no need for a mobile application, rather for optimizing your website on mobile devices. This means that we empower the site with a design which is able to display the content on every screen size. The responsive design serves not just the users' comfort, but search engines prefer it very much what results better position on listings and more visitors.

Mobile Marketing

Have the application been made, which is based on a great idea? But nobody downloads it? Why would they, if don't even know anything  about it! Senswerk Team helps you to become visible in the mobile world and your application will find its target audience. With the help of our multiple channelled campaigns, your application can get the attention what it deserves.