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Online marketing campaigns

The online world is slightly different than the real one, the good reputation of an urban shop sooner or later spread among the inhabitants of the town and the trade may start growing slowly. In the online world you have to compete againts websites and have to stand out from email a day. Of course, in the supply market you have to see the demand in an other scale too, because these days you can reach users over the world. Therefore if you want to mark your webshop out from the competitors, whatever size your company is, you will need a marketing strategy from the beginning.

Online marketing campaigns, PPC, social media campaigns, SEO

  • Marketing strategy planning
  • Online marketing campaigns
  • Social media campaings (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, guerilla marketing campaigns)
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  • PPC advertising campaigns
  • SEM - Search Engine Marketing campaigns
  • Newsletter, eDM

Online marketing strategy planning, online marketing campaigns

When you recognize that you need an online marketing campaign, the best to think through in advance is what you want, what the purpose is, what budget you can invest and what the target audience is. To develop a battle plan for how to conquer the market, how to increase sales or just enhance your reputation, is a quite hard but indispensable first step.

Every good leader must have a very serious strategy and implementation plan, moreover all parameters must be set to their service in order to win small battles and finally the war. Your battle plan will be your marketing strategy, your weapons are digital and offline marketing tools.

If you really want to be a great leader and win the battle for the domination, you will have to attract as many users as you can by continuously leaking information out in advertisments or in hidden materials.

We at Senswerk, as good strategists, can assist you to find what tools, steps and budget will be needed to begin the battle. From planning to evaluating result we help you to get acquainted with your market, your target audience, to find the best tools for communication, the visual concept and to know all the details that enable you to introduce your product and to conquer the market.

Online marketing campaigns

Whether it's all about latest online trends or proven online marketing methods, you can count on us!

Senswerk Team consists of developers, graphic designers and marketing experts in full service for planning and executing your campaigns. We plan, advertis, write feeds, optimize, whether it is Facebook, Google, Etarget EDM, EPR, or any other search engine campaign.

PPC campaign - Facebook, Google, Etarget, Adroll...

Facebook PPC ads

Within Facebook's advertising network there are several possibilities to reach your goals: visitor volume diversion to websites, increasing number of Facebook fans, promoting Facebook app downloads, spreading posts, generating number of shares... Additionally to the goals, the system ensures the possibility to find the target audience by: gender, age, marital status, place of residence, interest groups, education... Your Facebook ads could be published in Facebook apps on mobiles, in newsfeeds or on the right-ahnd panel. Facebook is a cost-effective way to advertis desirable brands and products.

Google Adwords PPC

Do you want to show up on Google Search in a top position, immediately? Want more visitors? Want to build an image? Appear on more sites and pay only when somebody is interested in your ad? With Google Adwords tools we can make ads easily measurable and optimizable at very good position of finds, even if you have a small budget for advertising. Get into Google Search, mobile applications, Google Display Network of sites where you could otherwise purchase ads very costly.

The Senswerk Team, as member of the programme for Google Agencies, guarantees quality ads and assures daily supervision to attain the best results, whether they run on Google Display Network, Google Search network or on Youtube.

Google YouTube ads

Hungary has a few small companies have discovered the benefits of YouTube channels as the media where anybody can develope brand, product and company image. However, there's no doubt that YouTube channel provides interactive advertising possibilities, what makes it beneficial for small businesses, especially if the target audience is younger ages.

If you don't have any promotional video, then use animation or any good quality and imaginative home video in order not to waste the budget for video production, but If you already have some, addressing the audience through YouTube is a must.

Etarget PPC and RTB ads

From 2015, Senswerk, as an Etarget agency, is able to gain more benefit from advertising networks on even a higher level. In Hungary, Etarget is one of the largest advertising network of more than 1,700 portals and websites with PPC ads, and more than 10 of RTB advertising network.

PPC ads: advertisers pay the publisher (typically a website owner) when the ad is clicked, called Pays Per Click (Cost Per Click as CPC is also popular)

RTB ads: advertising buyers bid on an impression and, if the bid is won, the buyer’s ad is instantly displayed on the publisher’s site (Real Time Bidding)

Whether Hungarian ad networks or foreign presences we are talking about, do not stop at the largest advertising providers. In Hungary, the remarkable ones are CTnetwork, Ebola Play, MadHouse, Adnetwork, but for international directions choose Adroll, Propellerads and OpenX.

Retargeting solutions

The brand new digital world has a new miracle, called retargeting. This simply means that once a visitor checked your site and stayed there, you can target him/her with your specific ad on several advertising networks, as long as you haven't reached the desired goal, for example, the visitor turns to be your buyer. Although from user point of view this is undoubtedly annoying, but from the advertisers' side a dream come true!

The retargeting listings can be found in almost every advertising network, making it easy to be formed into a solution what helps you with Facebook, Google, Etarget, Adroll ... ads to target a visitor coming from a newsletter campaign to check your site, as long as the visitor hasn't been put on the list of exclusion by a purchase, for instance.

Which and when?

The best is to combine these networks in order to achieve the goals and the largest target audience. The great advantage of integrated campaigns is to reach users simultaneously via multiple platforms, devices. The three most important factors in the selection process are, the budget, the purpose and the target audience, as each networks provide different in targeting.

Google Adwords PPC is used at the most when you want to increase conversions, e.g. sales, offer requests, or when you want to target certain areas at certain times of the day or a certain groups of interests.

Facebook PPC is an excellent solution if we want to target groups by age, gender, and demographical areas within Facebook.

In case of using Etarget, RTB is the excellent advertising opportunity because of high-level filtering settings, additionally our ads may be uploaded to more than 10 advertising networks. Excellent for brand building!

The retargeting solutions should be mandatory elements of the campaign. In case of running an integrated campaign it's worthy to consider Facebook, Google, Etarget, ... retargeting because almost every network has this ability already. The biggest advantage is if once you can catch the user, they will no longer be able to get rid of our ads.

Whether any advertising network, text, image, video or animated banner advertisments, Senswerk can design, prepare, optimize, measure and test by more than six years of experience and several marketing experts.

Social media campaigns, Facebook, guerilla marketing

Whether you like it or not, benefit from it or not, no doubt that Facebook presence must be considered. Facebook is a great opportunity if your purpose is consumer communications, image building, increasing brand loyalty or simply attracting visitors to your website.

You can play ads on your Facebook page and in your application, or on an external website. You can collect likes, you can share and promote events or launch games, you can build database, or simply post what happened to your company or your brand.

Whether it's Facebook advertising, Facebook application development, communication, content management or integrated campaign, you can count on us!

Guerilla marketing

Guerilla marketing plays an important role in the life of your business, if you are brave enough to try out new ones beyond the usual marketing tools. Within guerilla marketing you can choose styles of ambient, WoM (Word of Mouth), Astroturf(ing), virus marketing, what could be hidden or conspicuous messages.

WOM - Word of mouth campaigns

You have demand for a new but quite old method of sales promotion? Like on a market, people recommending greengrocers to each others. You can also even sell your products by 30% more if relevant groups promote them at public areas with WoM.

The simplest form of guerilla marketing is word of mouth marketing, what you can initiate with strengthening Facebook shares and comments, or with blog and forum marketing, to become a part of several communities. The WoM can help you to get your brand to be more credible because anyone accepts friend's opinion about a product or service easier than ads or opinion of strangers. Strength of WoM lies precisely in this, so no ads but user contents are prepared.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Do you want your website to be in a good position on search finds listing? SEO must be the cornerstone of your online presence in all online campaigns. If the structure, the content, the links are not defined properly, then not just search engine ratings would reflect that something's wrong, but your entire online presence would suffer from it. SEO is responsible for a good listing position in search engines, and the ergonomically well-designed website to make visitors feel comfortable and easily find what they are looking for.

How we do search engine optimization?

  1. Analyzing: competitors, keywords, Google statistics
  2. Planning: keyword lists, inner linkings
  3. Development: website modification, metadata definition, keywords concentration, creating new external linkings
  4. Optimization: based on results we optimize your keywords, contents, source of visitors
  5. Consultancy: during the entire SEO process we assist you and, at the end, summarize our recommendation for what to pay attention to in the future


If you're not sure about the performance of your website or webshop, and how the quality should be improved, what errors they have, you can contact us to get advices how you could fix them.

Webanalytic tools can help you if the following things may be observed:

  • Many visitors check your webshop, but they don't buy
  • Baskets don't turn into orders
  • Number of visitors dropped sharply
  • Number of orders dropped sharply
  • Lot of money spent on advertising but no result
  • Previously the site got SEO but still no improvement

eDM campaigns, newsletter sending

Do you want an attractive newsletter or eDM campaign? You can entrust us to prepare it! Being aware of the limitations of mailing systems we can create your newsletters and eDM letters for amplifying your image and form your reputation. In case you have recipients database and you want to collect statistical figures about them, choose our SenSDM email system by Senswerk. With this application you can send emails out super fast, or can ask us to do it as well.

Newsletter: a kind of message which is sent regurarly to your own mailing list, e.g. about your special offers

eDM: messages sent with promotional purposes to a second-hand mailing list, e.g. about subscription for an online prize