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The spread of social networking has dramatically changed our thinking about relationships, opinion sharing and interactions. For news we don't have to wait days or weeks, they appear immediately on blogs, Facebook newsfeeds, forums and keep spreading unstoppably, whether they are good or bad ones.Community communication, social marketing, blog, forum and guerilla marketing

In this new era customers took over control. They don't allow publishing only the favorable reviews of brands. Really, they make comments and judgements, they can precipitate or lift you up. You may become a victim of the trolls in seconds, or one of the most beloved brands. That's why it's important how you communicate on the social media, how much you spoil your consumers and how you listen to what they say about your brand.

At Senswerk we support your social communication with our service package, including Facebook content management, advertisments and Facebook games, as well as integrated campaings that manage several social netwrork channels in one hand. We post pictures on Pinterest and Instagram, tweet on Twitter, publish interesting information and games on Facebook, we build database and redirect traffic to your website.

Facebook Solutions

Facebook is one of today's most popular social media sites with 1.3 billion users and excellent demographic and spatial information filtering options. Maybe you do not like it or do not know what options it provides, but be sure to consider Facebook as one of the most powerful marketing channel to use, in case you want...

  • ...to have a lovable brand
  • ...to distribute general products
  • ...your target audience is demographically distinctive
  • ...to build database with prize
  • ...to make your virus marketing contents spread by sharing
  • ...your consumers to make comments about your product and to spread their opinion
  • ...create a forum where you can discuss several topics with the consumers as an expert

WHAT WEAPON to choose for your facebook campaign?

  • Facebook applications
  • Facebook communication / content management
  • Facebook advertisments
  • Coupons
  • Webshop on Facebook

Facebook app development

Do you want a Facebook game? Then let it hit big! If you really want an attractive game reaching a lot of users, then you have come to the right company. Senswerk has made scramble, tetris, quiz and arcade games... Moreover you can count on us if you want a Facebook app, such as a webshop, a questionnaire form, a product review or any kind of informational microsite.

Facebook content management

It really matters to whom, when and what you communicate about your company and your brand. If you create a Facebook page, you have to fill it up with content, answer users' questions, constantly upgrade it and go into interaction with your consumers. There's no more disappointing than seeing a post submitted just years ago. Obviously everyone will suppose that your business has ceased, or just vegetate for years, because it hasn't been developing and there is nothing to communicate.

With our assistance you can regurarly tell others how you have been improving, releasing new products, advertising special offers, opening new office, hiring new colleagues, expanding business, organizing conferences or you are just interested in your consumers opinion about what scent / flavor the new product should have. In addition to writing post contents, we manage games, organize events or just answer user questions.

Do not neglect this channel because:

  • competition doesn't do either
  • affordable brand and firm empowering tool
  • you can reach 4.800.000 users in Hungary

Facebook advertisments

Do you want more fans? Want to reach more people with contents? Or spread special promotions and gain new customers? By using Facebook ads you can attract new visitors and motivate them to signup for newsletters.

Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin Communication

The world is not just about Facebook, although there's no doubt it is the most powerful channel of social life. However, there are cases when Facebook is not enough and it worth using other channels too.

What other channels?

  • Twitter, if dealing with IT or being an artist
  • Instagram, if owning great imagery and target audience is youth people
  • Pinterest, if having great imagery and target audience is young women
  • Google +, if targets are IT professionals or just men, and you want search engine optimalization too
  • Linkedin, if willing to make business relations, or important to be promoted in your career faster
  • YouTube, Videa if having great video materials
  • Flickr, Picasa, if your pictures need to be rated by others
  • Béhance, to demonstrate your artistic skills
  • Wikipédia, to share lexical content
  • ... and so much more social networking possibilities!

what matters when you choose the channel?

  • Once you kicked off, keep it up to date. No worse than a profile page which got no care for years. Rather cease it.
  • Share your contact information and apply cross-linking.
  • Recruit community, followers, fans and communicate with them.
  • React on questions asked.

Maintain and increase the number of consumers using gamification

What is gamification? Haven't you heard it yet? Then contact us urgently!

It's a brand new trend, which is utilizing the suggestive power of games to increase customer or employee loyalty, or just to simply entice visitors to your website and keep them there. However, do not necessarily think of just a sweepstake or just a Facebook game, as they are for only one occasion. Gamification is a strategy, which enables you to motivate your employees to go out for sporting more, or your clients to read your every newsletter and if they can correctly answer all the questions you reward them that could be a simple top list ranking for instance. Still have no clue what it is about and what to use for..? Call us if your webshop customers return too rarely, or if your employees are not motivated enough in performance and not acting together as a team. If gamification is getting interest you just call Senswerk!

Blog, forum and guerilla marketing

Do you want communities to get acquainted with your product, and influence their opinion, or make them interested in your blog or website?
Would you like to know when and what people are talking about your brand?

Guerilla marketing

This is an extraordinary way of advertising that excludes usual medias and surfaces, and its aim is to address the message for the consumers, like the followings:

  • Gossip marketing (WoM = Word of Mouth, Buzz)
  • Virusmarketing
  • Ambient
  • Astroturf(ing)

What is forum marketing meant to be?

In some cases forum is not an obsolete option to popularize a product or a service. Whether small special groups, diseases or specific IT topics, forum is still on hype. Within the frame of forums we use the tools of marketing to reach this target audience with news, features and events.