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Business solutions

Would you like to give your company new circulation because business processes are not that up to date? Don't hesitate to contact us! We are the professionals who can improve your existing business tools or design new case management systems for you.

Business solutions, online e-business system, custom software developmentChoose online business softwares if nonstop data availability is significant for you because your business never stops. Whether it's SenSERP or any other business systems, our developer team can customize or find the most suitable solution, even it's not one of our development!

  • SenSERP online case management system
  • Custom software development
  • Complex e-commerce

SenSERP - Online e-business system

The SenSERP case management system can be customized by several modules providing cost effective solution, whether it's micro-firm or an enterprise with a few hundred million dollar income a year. Modules are made to meet our customers' needs and include their business experience to reflect a company's real operation. The modules:


  • Webshop
  • Inventory management
  • Price lists
  • Products
  • Partners
  • Orders
  • Billing & invoices
  • Trans-o-flex export
  • PickUp Points

Workflow management:

  • Project management
  • Vendor offer requests
  • Contracts
  • Offers
  • Vendor orders
  • Freight


  • Statistics
  • Finance & Payroll

SenSERP is made of proven business solutions developed on market requirements. The system contains inventory, order, product, price, invoice, partner, transport, vendor orders  and document handling modules that are attachable to each other in a standard or in a unique way, depends on needs.

The biggest advantage of SenSERP is that it ensures location independent data availability. Like a cloud solution, SenSERP is a multi-site system too, but offline data access is also possible, thanks to our stellar-synchronous technology.

Custom Software Development

How does the development process at Senswerk look like? According to what principals do we develop our softwares? Read how the work will be with us!


One of our major principals is that Senswerk softwares must be adaptive to clients' demands, therefore every system of ours has been made to be easily variable. Our systems are made up of modules for each individual functions. Each system has three layers: program code, structure and design. These layers enable us to execute fast modifications without interfering with other parts. That's how occasional bugs and errors are reduced and leadtime of development becomes shorter. Senswerk developers are at the forefront of custom development, systems integration and development of complex e-commerce systems. So, from planning and designing through introduction and startup to follow-up, you will find supportive colleagues here.

We require secure systems

Logging and monitoring, user privilage handling, secure channels are all responsible for minimizing security risks and for the maximum security for your data.

As early as planning we take account of what groups the software is being made for, define which user level has access to the system and the data that is strictly protected and cannot be accessable for any third-parties. Our developments are unique, therefore their source coding is not available on the internet in dispite of other open-source business solutions what carry a huge security risk potential, because the leak on the data protection coding is always published by creators and that's what hackers exploit and many time the fix is released too late, especially if it's all about business information.

"Let the collective work begin!"


Planning is always considered to be the most important step because precisely defined business procedures and correlations give the system the foundation. If we don't pay enough attention to explore potential problems in the design, then later it may avenge itself, because as you may know, fixing the problem costs more and needs more time, the later it was discovered. So if you don't want to step into same trap, then don't think this phase is unnecessary, costy or time-consuming, because later every single minute will pay off when the software may run satisfactorily.


We love well-composed systems, therefore we develop according to high quality standards. Every project is executed in fexible phases. While one of the phases is being under development, others could be tested. This assures the proper result finally. All movements are executed on the basis of pre-determined schedule and specifications, so they could not surprise anybody.

We are also adaptable in developing methods, so we can apply always the most suitable one for your requirement and budget. Working together with other developer teams is not a hardness for Senswerk because we have a lot of experience in collective project execution, but if you want, we can take over the whole project management, and to shape the progress according to your imagination.


In the last phase it's extremely important to get the system discovered and liked by the employees. That's why every introduction begins with a training, documentation handover, support via phone and email, and during the test period we provide priority support additionally.

We believe if a system is transparent, simply usable with minimal computing skills, then employees accept faster and begin to use it and start discovering the possibilities for a more effortless daily job.


We always recommend you after 6 months to review all the possibilities together how to speed up operational processes and how to improve the effectiveness of the system. Let's review which elements you want to improve further and what observations and feedback you have. We would like to be your partner for a long time, and to work together in many project, therefore we consider finding the best solution for your ideas being very important.